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Please see below for a list of Frequent Asked Questions. If you still have questions feel free to give us a call at 864-877-0488
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I have never left my dog at the boarding facility before. How can I help make the transition from home to the pet resort a positive experience? We have taken care of several fist time boarders. It's always best to come into the facility for a tour, bringing your dog in with you so they can sniff around and explore the new environment. This allows them to also leave with you the same day they come in. We also recommend signing your dog up for a day or more of daycare to get your dog more familiar with the resort routine, smells and sounds. Your first day of daycare is free.
Current vaccinations within the past year given by a veterinarian
Why do you require a fecal test at your pet resort? It is very easy for dogs to come across and come in contact with intestinal parasites. To ensure that our guests do not catch any intestinal parasite while in our care, we require each guest to have a fecal test every 6 months. We walk our guests on natural ground and grass. If fecal tests are not perfromed and a dog is infected it is very easy for the grounds to become contaminated and allows other dogs and people to be at risk coming in contact with intestinal parasites. Also, not all heartworm preventatives protect your dog from all intestinal parasites and organisms that they can come in contact within their environment.
Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Fecal
Indoor Cats: Rabies, Distemper
I have a puppy or kitten. How old do they have to be to stay in your facility? It's best for your puppy or kitten to be at least 4 months of age. For this is when they should have finished all of their boosters and should have received rabies. Although, we do allow younger puppies to stay in the facility in our Elegant Suite room. It is an area away from the general dog population, reducing the risk of your dog bringing something into the facility or catching something while at the facility. All young puppies and kittens should be boarded at your local veterinarian offce for the health and safety of your puppy or kitten.
Indoor/Outdoor Cats: Rabies, Distemper, Feline Leukemia
My dog or cat requires fluids or an injectable medication. Will you be able to administer this? Yes, we will be able to administer fluids or injectable medications properly for your pet. For all injectable medications there will be an additional $10 fee per day for dispensing those medications.
How will you introduce my dog to your daycare doggie group play? For all of our first timers to group play they will undergo an evaluation session with our temperament testing dog. This can be done the same day you drop off your pet. We will put your dog into our playroom, allowing a 5-10 minute time frame of sniffing around. We will then add our temperament testing dog to evaluate how your dog plays with our temerament testing dog. If your do fails, then your dog will be removed and placed into our personal daycare program. If all goes well, then we will slowly add 1 dog at a time into that group that is reserved for that day, allowing new dogs to sniff first before entering into group play. We also practice safety here at the resort, but please keep in mind that accidents may occur.
Is there anyone at your facility overnight? Currently we do not have a live-on-premises resident, but we do offer the service of late night walks or early morning walks. If you feel your pet can take advantage of this service, please sign them up for it upon check-in or while making your reservation. There is a $10 fee per late or early walk.
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